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UFO observes hikers while hovering a stone's throw away: Conjures a bit of fear

UFO encounter reported up-close: Looks like the craft was observing folks below.

UFOs are witnessed on a constant basis across the nation, but they are usually reported as streaming across the night sky or hovering high above the Earth. One recent report of a sighting had witnesses getting an up-close look at the UFO. It was so close that their curiosity turned to fear, according to Open Minds TV on Oct. 14.

Three hiking buddies got a visit from a UFO that appeared to be observing them at their base camp. This UFO was alone and started off looking like a star, until it came closer. As the website UFO Digest describes, many of the UFO sightings consist of triangular lights that move in formation, but this was not the case in the South Dakota wilderness that night.
A recent encounter with a UFO by three camping buddies in South Dakota was an experience that started off sparking their curiosity, but quickly turned to fear. These three friends were alone in the woods with no cell phone reception and not one weapon between the three of them.
After hiking into the Black Hills National Forest in an area without a hiking trail, the three friends set up base camp on a bluff and planned to spend the night before hiking up to the summit the next day. The fact that these hikers went into the desolate woods without weapons to guard them against wildlife attacks speaks to their comfort level in that setting. They were apparently right at home in the great outdoors and didn’t have the fear that would have prompted them to go on their hiking trip armed for emergencies.
After setting up their camp and building a fire the three waited for night to fall and watched the sky in a place where there was no light pollution. This made the stars seem even brighter and closer than when viewing it from a populated light-saturated area.
When the UFO first appeared it was a star that they thought they were looking at until it started moving closer to their camp. The three hikers could see this brightly lit object move so close that it was hovering over the tree line. The closer it got it had the trees casting eerie shadows.
They had their music on and turned it off to listen for any sound this craft might be making, but it remained quiet. The UFO came closer and closer to where they were, and it was still not too far off the ground, just above the tree line.
The craft finally hovered directly overhead and the energy in the air was powerful, said the witness reporting this story. The hikers felt as if this UFO was observing them and it was at this point were fear set in. They were alone and too far from civilization t beckon any help if they needed it.
At one point the person who reported the story said he tried to move slowly out of the UFO’s view but it turned slightly as if it was still watching him. Then it was gone, just like that, it disappeared into the night sky.
Not long after that another bright object streaked through the night sky and went into a canyon between where this trio was camping and the mountain in the distance. It burst into an explosion of colorful light and gave off the vibrant colors of “blue, turquoise and aqua.” They describe it as a meteor, but they feel that the two events were somehow connected.
A little later on they saw two more bright objects in the distance moving at a good clip across the sky and they thought it was two UFOs like the first one that hovered over their tent. The two bright objects they thought were crafts never came any closer to them.
The three sat on the edge of the mountain at their base camp the rest of the night and talked about the experience. They stayed awake all night and saw the sun come up.

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