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‘Alien abductee’ to host special event at snatch site on 40th anniversary

‘Abductee’ returns to alien site
Fire in the sky ... Travis Walton’s account of alien abduction has been turned into a movie. Source: ThinkStock Source:ThinkStock

A BRIGHT light in the forest. A strange flying metallic disc. Snatched aboard by aliens. Now abductee Travis Walton wants you to join him at the site where “it happened” 40 years ago.
The November 5, 1975, incident is touted as one of the most credible alien abduction stories. It’s certainly famous — it became the basis of the 1993 movie Fire in the Sky.
The story goes like this: Watson and six lumberjack co-workers saw a strange light in a Turkey Springs, Arizona, forest. Fearing it was a fire, they went to investigate.
It wasn’t a fire. It was a brightly glowing metallic disc hovering above the trees.
Walton ran forward despite the shouted warnings of his colleagues. He was then struck by a strange beam of light which pulled him into the “ship”.
When his friends reported the incident to police, they immediately became suspects in a potential murder case.
Five days later, Walton phoned his parents from near where he “disappeared”. He says he thought only hours had passed.
He could not remember what happened to him. But over the weeks and months to come, he says he started having “flashbacks” of his time aboard an alien craft.

Travis Walton UFO Encounter Anniversary Site Visit

It’s a story embraced by paranormal “news” channel OpenMinds who are promoting the return of Wilson to the site where it happened on the 40th anniversary of the event.
“I am kind of nervous about it, because it is the first time I go back on the site at night,” an OpenMinds producer reports Wilson as saying on the Huffington Post.
Walton’s become something of a celebrity, giving lectures on alien abductions at a variety of UFO and paranormal gatherings.
It’s not the first time he’s been back. He went on behalf of a National Geographic television show, as well as shortly after the original event.
He also led a night-time gathering at the site this year after convening a “Skyfire Summit”.
The cause? Education.
“Once I had given a talk at the local college here and we had standing room only. People in this area are really hungry to get the real facts, and they need an education. So that’s the thrust of the conference … The ground floor of sort of a Ufology 101.”

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