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Strange lights spotted in sky over Caledon East

Lights in sky
Don Baird spotted these two lights in the sky over Caledon East as he
headed home in the early hours of Friday morning. He says they looked
like silver metal-like objects that moved without making any sound.

Close up
A close up of the light in the upper left of the first image.

Close up
A close up of the light in the lower right of the first image.

Palgrave resident and musician Don Baird says he knows his route home like the back of his hand. But on Friday morning as he headed home from a gig around 3 a.m. he spotted something bizarre in the skies that just didn't fit.
Baird was heading north towards Caledon East on Innis Lake Road when he noticed two objects in the overcast sky that did not appear to be moving at all. 
“I started going over a list in my head thinking, 'So, there are no towers in the area, it’s relatively flat farmland and it’s three in the morning so what could it possibly be,'” he said.
Baird got as far north as just below Castlederg when he decided to stop his vehicle, stick the flashers on and hop out to get a closer look. At that point, the static objects began to move. 
“It seemed to have a silver metal-like skin and a shape I cannot really describe. It had red, green and blue flashing lights,” he said. “As it moved over my head, what struck me the most was that in the deafening silence of the cold country air, it made no sound.”
As he though to take a photo, one of the objects started heading west and the other went south right over his head. The image that he captured was from a short distance away. 
Baird speculated that the objects may have been helicopters, drones or even small aircraft.
 But, given the time of day and past experiences with small planes, he believes it would be unusual – and dangerous – for two airplanes to be so close. He also believes that if it were a helicopter or plane, he would have heard some sort of noise coming from them.
“I’m not a (UFO) chaser or ever observed this before," said Baird, "But I can tell you there aren’t too many things that make me stop my car and get out to look at the sky, but this did.”
This is not the first time unusual lights have been spotted over Caledon East. In June 2013 a family saw around 30 objects floating in the sky. At that time, a UFO expert suggested they were likely Chinese lanterns.

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